WMU Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the WMU Login:




Having the following steps will get you into the WMU Login page:

1. Click on the following link for the WMU Login page in order to add it into your address bar of your browser: https://gowmu.wmich.edu/cp/home/displaylogin.

2. Enter your BroncoNet ID into the first field that is provided there for it.

3. Enter the password required for the WMU Login process into the next space provided.

4. Click on the login button to complete the WMU Login process and enter your WMU account.





Are there still problems happening in your WMU Login process? Never fear because more instructions are here in this section.

Forgetting the BroncoNet ID happens to the best of us sometimes. If this has happened to you just follow the advice in this notice:

NOTE: For right now they aren't allowing for retrieving the BroncoNet ID online.  We advise that you use the information that we have provided in the contact section regarding this matter. After recovering the BroncoNet ID for the completion of the WMU Login process, return to the video of the login steps above in this article.

If the password for the WMU account happens to be the problem, you can recover or reset it using these steps:

1. On the far right of the window there is text that asks if you have forgotten your password. Click on that text.

2. In the pop-up window, enter your BroncoNet ID into the field provided.

3. Click the submit button. Follow the private steps in order to recover your password needed.

4. After recovering the password for the completion of the WMU Login process, return to the video of the login steps above in this article.




Just in the event you need to contact someone about the WMU Login process, use the information provided here.

Help Desk
(269) 387-4357, Option 1
Email: helpdesk@wmich.edu




Making sure that all of the WMU Login process was explained in its entirety here has been our biggest goal right now. We always keep this page updated with the most current WMU Login process. Make sure to bookmark this page so it will be easy to locate when you need it again.